Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Pick and Mix Experiment - Part Two

Yesterday I expressed my concerns over whether I had been conned by 'Candy King', the well-known pick and mix company. After devising a frankly ingenious experiment to set my mind straight, today I ventured back into the very shop to carry it out. 

For those who missed it, skipped the above link or just generally have a bad memory, the below image of a whiteboard shows the method of my experiment.

As the whiteboard illustrates, the first step was to find out the individual cost an empty Pick and Mix Bag and Pick and Mix Cup. Here are the results in brilliant high definition pictures (click to enlarge):


The cup weighed 10p and the bag 6p.

Next step: Fill the cup with sweets. Now this is harder than it seems. In order to be fair and representative, I had to fill it with an equal measure of heavier and lighter sweets. I also had to make sure I filled the cup to the brim as it has a set cost of £2.99. So, whilst carefully picking my mix of sweets I used the smaller sweets to fill the cracks and gaps left behind by the larger ones to ensure it was as full as possible. 

With the cup full, I went advanced onto the next step: weighing the cup. This provided me with many stares from other customers! I could just hear them thinking "What an idiot, doesn't he realize you don't weigh the cups?". Bravely, I carried on and managed to obtain this photo of the cup weight, again pictured in high definition:
The full Pick and Mix Cup would cost £4.02

The next steps were to be completed at home. After in-depth analysis and with the aid of Excel, I created this nice little graph to help explain my intriguing findings:

The end result of the experiment is clear. The Bag cost £3.96 and the cup cost it's generic £2.99. This means that the cup is 32.4% cheaper than the bag. As the graph shows, the cup provides a 97p saving. I was shocked. I had not been conned. To the contrary, I conned Candy King. Yes, you read that correctly.

I conned Candy King and I beat the system.

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