Monday, 21 February 2011

The Pick and Mix Experiment - Part One

After a long, hard day of work*, i thought it would only be wrong of myself if i didn't pop down to the local shop to buy some well earned sweets. Now usually, I would venture off down into the sweets isle and pick up a bag of wine gums. However today I decided to treat myself to a bag of pick and mix.

I'm sure you can imagine my astonishment when I saw next to thew paper bags, a paper cup! You know, the sort you might be given in McDonalds or the cinema etc. A paper cup! I literally almost died of amazement. A cup - a Paper cup to put sweets in. Suddenly I found myself heading straight to the cup and picking it up, and no sooner was I filling it to the top with a variety of sweets. After this, I intended on going to weigh the 'cup o' sweets' on the scales provided. However, there was a sign that told me cups had a set price! I literally almost died again.

After all of that excitement, as I walked home, I stopped suddenly. I thought to myself: "Have I been conned? What if the excitement of the cup went to my head a bit? What if I used the bag, weighed it and it was cheaper!?". Trying not to panic, I dreamed up an experiment.

As the whiteboard illustrates, I will find out the weight of both an empty Pick and Mix Bag and a Pick and Mix Cup. After this, I will fill up the cup with a variety of sweets.  I will then weigh the cup and subtract the empty cup weight, giving me the raw sweets weight and price. I will add the bag weight giving me the weight and price I would have paid if I had purchased using Pick and Mix Bag.

Tomorrow I will go back down to said shop. I will carry out an investigation to find out once and for all: 

What is cheaper? Pick and Mix Bag, or Pick and Mix Cup.

*work being watching films. Hot Fuzz is a work of genius!

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